Tuesday, 22 May 2007

World Trade London Centre

Just a quick post, alerting of the quality available from the UK scene, anyone worth talking about, from the UK has/will be mentioned.

For those of You with Tunnel-Vision & can't see beyond the Atlantic, then heres a good corner for you to progress from.

Also check out the new subsidary - worldtradestv - Important issues, factors & policies affecting us all, whether we like it or not.

The Cotton Wool we tend to be wrapped in is literally burnt from you during viewing. Check it out ASAP.

comin soon...

1. The Beatsmif Presents: Tunnel-Vision Irradication

2. The Procussions....

3. J-Live

4. Jehst

5. Braintax

Monday, 14 May 2007

Jason Medeiros......Of Gods & Girls

This album is literally flawless, I never post new albums, but heres an exception (well The 1st minute of each track) Everyone needs to hear this......More Hip-Hop in it's True-School format.
A part of the Procussions crew, Mr. J Medeiros performed consostently throughout the 5 Sparrows for 2 Cents (gonna have to do a little post on that soon).

The latest release Of Gods & Girls, was marketed via the very succesful YouTube with the VERY, VERY touching video. "Constance," tis track gives an insight into the overlooked child pornography in a very poignant & thought-provokative style.
After I heard this track I literrally froze (No-Shit), the riff is enough to leave you captivated but the lyrics are the fundamental factor that grabs you.

To be honest I was slightly depressed after hearing this track & I felt kinda pissed-off but this explains a harsh reality of to many seriously sick individuals (I'm a passive wimp, but if I ever came across one of these Phuckers then they'd need god & the Devil herself on thier side). But this is only track 4, Track one is the romantic track called Amelie (featuring a french MC namely 20syl), Jason also rips up another firm favourite of mine Her Wings, Silent Earth is another song addressing the reality of mans ill-thought & actions.

One of the biggest cancers that infect 99% of the planet for me is an apathetic attitude; Apathy covers this chronic & ever common problem. Jason produces himself on this album, his accompanied by Stroh the 89th Key (Also a Procussionist) & a favourite of mine Illmind.

We're neay half-way through 2007 & I'm giving this album of the year, this is gonna seriously hard to push from the top spot.

In fact this is the best album I've heard for ages, Kev Brown was My number One of last year; maybe We've something on par for the Tru-Skool, Nu-Skool Hip-Hop Heads.

Saturday, 12 May 2007

See-Me On & Tree Make up Primeridian I got thier album a while back, & to Be 100% Don't know to much about them so....now descriptions just Grab it....then Buy It....Its Worth it....Trust (apologies for the vagueness but, lovely weather need the sarotonin)

Asheru & Blue Black (2003) 48 Months

The Unspoken Heard is the hip-hop collaborative of rapper Asheru and producer Blue Black. The group is often referred to as Asheru & Blue Black of the Unspoken Heard. They began getting significant recognition in underground hip-hop around the turn of the millennium. Their sound is reminiscent of the New York "new school" sound of the early '90s, particularly that of the Native Tongues Posse.

Seriously Funky, Jazzy Hip-Hop in its True-School, New School Form. I can't be bothered describing this.....Just Download it....I Phucking adore this album.....great stuff

J-Zone - Music For Tu Madre

J-Zone is a rapper, producer, and CEO of Old Maid Entertainment. He lives in Queens, New York. J-Zone has enjoyed a large following of underground hip hop aficionados and a sizable European fan base, which continues to grow.

At a young age, he developed and honed his musical abilities by listening to records and playing bass guitar. He later learned the basics of production under the tutelage of DJ Vance Wright (Slick Rick's DJ) in 1994. In 1999, he released Music for Tu Madre, garnering critical acclaim in the hip hop underground, but it was not enough to propel him into the mainstream spotlight. He has since worked with and produced beats for artists such as Biz Markie, Cage, Diversion Tactics, DM & Jemini, High and Mighty, Jehst, Redman, R.A. the Rugged Man, Tame 1, MF Grimm, and Tha Liks.

Usually accompanied by fellow Old Maid Billionaires Huggy, Al-Shid, and Captain Back$lap (J-Zone's more crass, arrogant alter ego), J-Zone's music could be described as somewhat unconventional. He typically uses lots of offbeat samples, which often function as a sort of Greek Chorus. While generally praised for his comedic storytelling, clever punch lines, acerbic wit, and stellar production work, some critics have claimed that his music is crude, juvenile, and misogynistic

Apparently Music For Tu Madre Was his High-School Graduate Project, in which he passed & then went on to sell it out the boot of his car........Classic.

People Under The Stairs......

Los Angeles residents Michael Turner (Double K) and Christopher Portugal (Thes One) came together as People Under The Stairs in the mid-1990s , through a common love of record digging, making beats and the classic hip hop sound of The Beatnuts and Freestyle Fellowship.
Thes One and Double K worked together making music and soon had a completed debut in the shape of 'The Next Step'. Released in 1998 the album was an unexpected success, especially in the UK, securing the duo a record deal and several overseas tours.

After performing across the globe, Thes One and Double K returned to the studio and came out with another classic 'Question in the Form of an Answer' in 2000. By this time their jazz, funk, rock and soul inspired albums, infamous vinyl collections and energetic live shows had gained them acclaim all over the world, from America and Europe to Australia and Japan.
In 2002 they released O.S.T. - confirming their position as masters of the art in the hip hop scene. An EP '...Or Stay Tuned' quickly followed the year after.

Although widely unrecognized, PUTS is often considered one of the hip hop underground's most prominent acts, with a musical style similar to that of A Tribe Called Quest, The Pharcyde, and fellow Los Angeles group Ugly Duckling. PUTS is also renowned for their incredible live shows, featuring a large amount of crowd interaction and humour.
The array of Jazzy Samples & Inricate Drum Patterns compiled by the consisitent Thes-One opitimises (for me) Hip-Hop at its Purest.
PUTS The Next Step

1stly The Debut Album, The Next Step Which was released, well nearly Ten years ago (1998), seems so recent!

PUTS: Question in the Form of an Answer

The 2econd release came 2yrs later in A Question in the Form of an Answer


Last & certainly not least the Original Soundtrack which again cme 2yrs later

Four years since their last full-length release, People Under The Stairs have finally returned with another breath of fresh air in full drum-banging, chorus-shouting, feel-good musical form with their long awaited album 'Stepfather'.
"People are really going to be surprised by this album," says Thes One, "We're flipping the script on this one, coming with an extremely progressive approach. We study a lot of music theory and classic material, and this album reflects that."

Once again setting the standard for the rest of hip hop to follow, Double K and Thes One have created their most impressive album to date; released 18th April 2006 on CD (with DVD and poster) and vinyl, be sure to pick it up

P.U.T.S. online

Thier Currently Touring England If You Can.....Get There! Definately Worth It
May European Tour with Time Machine

11th May - Winterthur, Switzerland, Albani Music Club
12th May - Brighton, UK, Ocean Rooms
13th May - Bristol, UK, Clockwork
14th May - London, UK, Jazz Cafe
16th May - Edinburgh, UK, Cabaret Voltaire
17th May - Glasgow, UK, King Tut's Wah Wah Hut
18th May - Manchester, UK, 'Friends and Family' at The Mint Lounge
18th May - Sheffield, UK, Plug
19th May - Bournemouth, UK, The Consortium