Friday, 22 January 2010

Oddisee (2010) Odd Winter (Odd-is-Seasons)

For me, possibly (my opinion), the finest producer in Hip-Hop, percussive expertise, a Bias with rhythm, the jazzy, funkyfied, electro DMV (DC, Maryland & Virgina) based Musician Oddisee treats us once again with the latest in his current seasonal odysseys with Odd Winter.

13 tracks deep, some instrumentals (essential man, got let that beat talk), an injected euphoric feelin' (Oddisee has many tracks provoking that nostalgic feeling, think Odd Autumn, trk 11 Autumn Run, Show You with Mike Slott & Hudson Mohawke (Heralds of Change)) & kissed with a synchronistic flow synonymous with some of the greatest Mic-Smiths of past & present, Oddisee's tight rhymes & (very important) lyrical content are a blessing to us all.

The Odd Season Series is a 1/3 of the way though & this herendous season (you don't need the cold to appreciate the warmth......its a myth) sees the Odd winter as the latest step in the works.

Odd Winter

01 Ci'iy Life (ft. Tranqill)
02 Frostbit
03 Winds From The North
04 Black Broadway (ft. X.O)
05 Brain Wash (Remix Instrumental)
06 Riiight (ft. Stik Figa)
07 Carry On (Instrumental)
08 The Warm Up Feat. Homeboy Sandman
09 Queue With No Coat
10 60901 (Instrumental)
11 All Because She's Gone (Instrumental)
12 It's Over (ft. Tranqill)
13 Blizzard of 09

1. Oddisee - The Supplier Feat. Tranqill (3:33)
2. Oddisee - Almost A Year Since (3:29)
3. Oddisee - Everything Changed Nothing Instr. (3:50)
4. Oddisee - Every Day People Instr. (1:54)
5. Oddisee - Pulp Fiction (1:46)
6. Oddisee - Saw Myself Today (1:30)
7. Oddisee - The Second Date (4:08)
8. Oddisee - Grey's Anatomy (1:55)
9. Oddisee - Tell The Truth Instr (3:13)
10. Oddisee - Theatre (2:16)
11. Oddisee - Autum Run (3:08)
12. Oddisee - Bonus Tell The Truth Feat. Nikki Jean (3:13)

alternate link

1. Oddisee - In Your Eyes (3:58)
2. Oddisee - Sligo Creek (3:30)
3. Oddisee - Sand To The Beach (5:02)
4. Oddisee - When Everything Changed (3:26)
5. Oddisee - Chocolate City Dreaming (4:05)
6. Oddisee - Viva Brasil (3:59)
7. Oddisee - That Day Instr. (3:33)
8. Oddisee - That Day Feat. Muhsinah (3:33)

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Justa Break & a Welcomed One (JUS MUSIC is Back)

Been a while, it appears many follow the blog & rude it would be not to bother with keepin' those who want to know in the know.
despite the apparent need for so many to voice opinions regardin' musical rules (the don't listen to that, listen to this attitude).............despite millions of blogs with the same objectives........despite so many others with such a similar musical preference I've opted to continue (re-open) the blog.
My objective remains the same & this blog will be updated frequently. Stay Tuned & remember don't listen to sh!te, listen to real stuff I post......JUS' KIDDIN' after all its Jus' Music

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