Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Nas & Jay-Z with 50cent VAT

Introducing My 2econd post on cookin' Soul a production collective who already a hosts a series of remixes & mixtapes including AZ's A.W.O.L. which has claimed a post on this site....now presented to You is a collaboration of remixes from the legendary Nas & Jay-Z but as good as these remixes are I can only describe the appearance of 50cent as taxing .

Any way on a lighter note his album is available form his site cookin' soul Website as are an array of his other remixes and mixtapes.


Cookin Soul are from Valencia, Spain. They are Big Size a spaniard, Milton a Brasilian & Zock another Spaniard. Check the site & check the tapes

below for is the link for the

Cookin' Soul Presents: Nas & Jay-Z remixes with some non-Value added Tax (50 Cent)

Saturday, 10 February 2007

Sway Dasafo - Mini Collat

Jumpin straight in to some great produciton from Caramac....We've got a track called Simple 'n Plain ft. the Now Sway the then Sway Dasafo...this is another track I found out about via the "Chubby kids" Show (Wed 9pm-11pm Kiss 100) which pleasantly spilled through my speakers a couple of years ago.....I found out about Sway....shortly after his 1st release On My Own....which will come soon...but in the meantime Tuck into some Sweet Caramac

This little Package Contains His tune produced by Caramac - "Simple 'n Plain" & the B-Side to his vinyl release Why....The Tracks Called "On My Own"

Sway Dasafo - Mini Collat

Kev Brown Audio - As Promised

One of my previous posts is about the grimey soul producer Kev Brown - Well I promised you some Aduio So Here you Go

Kev Brown - Snicker Doodle

Kev Brown - Rocky Road

Kev Brown - Strygglas Theme (ft. Grap Luva)

Friday, 9 February 2007

Jazzy Hip-Hop

Heres a little mix of jazzy Hip-Hop tracks that strecth all the way from the Gangster side to the more soulful side all the tracks a nabbed from my crate collection so endure or enjoy the choice is yours


As I mentioned gangster I may as well kick off with one of the greatest rappers (well one of my favourites....as the greatest can't possibly exist) The legendary Kool G. Rap I'm harbouring a firm favourite of mine & I'm sure most of you would know of it...it's a track produced by The TrakMasterz called "Ill Street Blues" a real dark & funky jazz track....Kool G is as far as I go with the gangster side, as I really can't get into to it....never-the-less grab it here...I've gotta warn you though Kool G's flow is sickening...

Ill Street Blues


Next up is another classic & another track you'll all know....it's by Diamond D and was remixed by Showbiz I actually grabbed this 12" before I'd heard the album & certainly before I'd heard the original....The tracks incredible....remixes certainly ain't easy to pull off especially when the original's are sheer quality.

Diamond D MySpace

Anyway Diamond D's early 90's effort that was remixed by fellow DITC crew member Showbiz

Sally Got A One Track Mind (Showbiz Re-Cycle)


This next track is amazing....I heard this through the airwaves of the (for me) legendary "Chubby Kids" show on Kiss 100 (which is still on now on wedenesdays at 9pm till 11pm) to be honest they've opened up alot in terms of Hip-Hop for me.....this track is called Simplicity & is real mellow....I wanna here this in a nice "Sit Back-N-Relax" mix available http://sbrelax.blogspot.com/, the track features Chill Rob G, Humpty Hump (who you may remember from a dance), Big-Pooh & Nelia a soul singer....this track is real mellow Grab it here....

This track is on the Terrordome 12"

Simplicity (ft. Chill Rob G., Humpty Hump & Nelia)

1st Buy Spot

2nd buy Spot


This track's taken off the album "To Your Soul" & features Prince Paul on production & Jay-Zee on the rhyme scheme....great track that forms Hi-Hop in it's purest.....rich in rhymes & perfect in production.


You thought the original was good enough...welll here you go Straighten It Out (Re-Cycled) the album is avaliable further down the post


Soulful jazzy track with the ever predictive tongue in which Nice-N-Smooth Perform....as always Greg Nice kicks off with his repetive battle & then the ever ready Smooth B....blends in nicely to the mellow jazz beat that our friend all the way from Oslo, Norway has compiled.

You may also catch via the sudanim Clinical Assistant & Father Blanco

Tommy Tee Productions

Tommy Tee's MySpace

Buy it Buy/Purchase


The great People Under The Stairs Producer has cooked up a blinder here in what could be my favourite track of the post....The drums alone are enough let alone the sample(s) that leave guest & the epitome of MC's, J-Live in his element....touching on global warming & daily strife the message here is clear "Give it Up"


Last but certainly far from least I'll end with a classic that I imagine & only hope you already have amognst your treasures....Pete Rock blends "Good Humour Man" by Blue Mitchell & "California Soul" by Gerald Wilson & creates well a quite perfect track.....a gem of a great era & a gem of a better genre.

What Happend to Wee Bee Foolish...?

I was played a track called this Kid & loved it.....seriously loved it I then went out of my way to purchase the album on the back of that song, to my disapointment the album failed to live up to the fore-front of my buy....but that was when I listend to it 5yrs ago....but 5 yrs ago amognst my collection I had some seriously terrible albums & my interest was buried heavily in a some-what warped exscuse for music. Listening back to it now....its real funky...DJ Bless is on point throughout & the MC's certainly deliver.

Obviously I've already "mentioned This Kid"....adressing the ignorant manouveres of MC's/Rappers entereing the industry, "Funk Keeps B", "PimpFloMein" & "It's Only Right" are positive additions to the album which certainly compliment it nicely

Although they seem to stay right under the radar, Wee Bee Foolish remains a point of interest to many people in tune with the indie market. The last release you can find the Fools on was a Sound Providers 12", "It's Gonna Bee (Alright)/Part II," on Quarternote/ABB. You can check it out at undergroundhiphop.com. The sophomore album entitled Underdog has been in the works for the last 3 years and at last is in the final stages. Besides contributions from the main members of Wee Bee Foolish, the album also features J-Hon, George Burns, Nems Murderfest, and Mike Swift. Look out for this Head Bop release in '06 and in the meantime you can also catch Wee Bee foolish featured on Eturnal's album Mr. Bad Guy on PointDotPeriod Entertainment.

Wee Bee Foolish (2002) Brighton Beach Memoirs

pass: www.jusmusic.blogspot.com

Upped By The Beatsmif' for Jusmusic.Blogspot & Wee Bee Foolish.....

Support The Artists.....or The Music WILL SUFFER.....

If You Like Sumthin' You Download Buy It......Cheap Pikey Sh!ts....Happy Listenin'

Thursday, 8 February 2007

Son of Ran (2006) Tribute To Sky City

By now hopefully you've realised my passion for the Jazz & Soul touch in Hip-Hop well the next album everyone has to grab-n-share is "The Son of Ran (2006) Tribute to Sky City".....It features the production skills of a new firm favourite of mine Mr. Freddie Joachim whom as I stated before I stumbled across while enquiring about Kero One......I'm not into upping new releases but as the album is free....The only thing I can do is help promote it....The Album is sh!t HOT from start to finish & to be quite honest I CAN'T get to grips with why the album is free....anyway if you like relentless Emceeing.....Jazzy Soulful Beats....& literate & articulate rhymes (strictly no non-sense) then take a visit to the websites & grab the album below


Son of Ran is originally form Sna Diego but was raised out in Japan (I swear these Japanese grown kids have got Jazzy Hip-Hop production down to a tee)

Son of Ran (2006) tribute to Sky City

Son of Ran Myspace

Freddie Joachim Myspace

Monday, 5 February 2007

Mr. Pregnant - African Americans

Grab his album at his site linked below.....in the meantime watch the video - it's called


Absoloutely sweet FA to do with music but I stumbeled across this Very, Very funny. Bieng a black man myself I can agree with 1 point straight up....I've issues with a certain word that is used in this great genre of music, particularly words that "The White Man" "aren't allowed" to use......You can work it out....anyway have a watch

Mr Pregnant

any offence caused.....tuff shit!

Kev Brown

I f1rst heard of Kev on an album/EP called 'Fresh Brownies' which I beleive was relased in 2005 which a mate of mine got from somewhere late-mid-last year, The album is a small collective introduction of his work very, very nice. Quite hard to find...but I'm sure if you e-mail him he'd be more than happy to sort you out (for a fee of course)

photo courtesy of strictly beats

'What I Do' was released shortly after I heard the 'Brownies EP' This album is brilliant I brought it before I'd even heard a track purely because of the 'EP' I'd recently listened to you best believe it truely lives up to it's pre-decessor....Theres also an instrumental version which I'm on the verge of purchasing

Paying homage to the true school while honing his own jazz-infused sound, Kev Brown has garnished a reputation as the torch-bearer of the golden era. Heavily influenced by renowned beat-smiths such as Pete Rock, Jay Dee, and DJ Premier, he continues to receive worldwide acclaim for his distinctive brand of grimy soul. And while Kev's buttery-smooth production and laid-back vocals shine throughout the album, the project also features a host of guests spots from Critically Acclaimed, Cy Young, Grap Luva, Oddisee, Phonte (of Little Brother), Kenn Starr, Kronkite, Wayna, and Eric Roberson. After numerous collaborations and a host of buzzworthy 12-inches, Kev Brown now steps forward with his debut solo album aptly-titled I Do What I Do. This forthcoming project guarantees to have the entire hip-hop world taking notice.


Hailing from Landover, MD, Kev Brown has ascended the ranks of the underground to solidify himself as one of hip-hop's most prolific and universally respected talents. While producing for a range of artists that include De La Soul, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and Jewel, it wasn't until his remix work The Brown Album, the highlight of what became a billion homemade remixes of Jay-Z's The Black Album that Kev Brown captured the attention of the entire hip-hop community.

If You Wanna Hear Him Check Him out on his label

Kev reminds me of the recent Pete Rock & the late great Jay Dee / J Dilla, I'm not really into pigeon-holing music/artists & I'm sure the artists themselves wouldn't want to be pigeon-holed either, but theres not alot of people who can even come close to bieng catagorised with Pete Rock and/or Jay Dee.
Grab the album

Also Check out his myspace - The link is in the production extradionaires panel on the right (yep he's made it in there already)
You can purchase this genius from amazon
Audio coming soon.........

Saturday, 3 February 2007

Fleapit (2002) Music From The Ditch

Grab it here

Buy from Amazon.co.uk

They recorded & released this album under the record label
Same Family Different Ballbag..../, Secondson the producer the album & has produced albums with Lewis Parker, Sway & The Taskforce & others check out the site.

Fleapit (2002) Music From The Ditch

Execution Squodd - Sold In The Streets

The Execution Squodd - Sold In The Streets

I stumbled across the track When we come thru.....which was hosted in some awful garage mix...& to be 100% honest the track isn't really to my flavour...but for some reason probably boredom I decided to check them out & heard the track road ethics, which I think is a pretty solid effort from the crew.

at the time i liked the track so much decided to grab the EP' Sold in the streets which i grabbed from Mr.
Suspect Packages.

Anyways you can grab the EP' from Super Bad .co.uk.

Execution Squodd - Road Ethics

for more info check out the interviews below

Interview With the Crew

Interview With Fusion & Tee Max whom produce tracks for the Squodd

Have a Listen here....