Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Transformer (Dirty Dome Beats)

Transformer (2008) Raw & Homemade

1.take it over there - sosh b cardi
2. violence - tone liv of green lama
3.so much more - b stilt ( guitar jam version 1)
4.sun up - apollo
5.oh my - chucknubian
6.all good - tone liv and b stilt
7.pavement - apollo
8.escape - es
9.cool luv - Alex styles and cv
10. fat knot - decay of green lama
l1. life - smooth from the connection
12.when thoughts clash - arsun fist and john wayne
13.wensday - prolifical ( guitar jam version 2 )
14.doomzday - tone liv and b stilt
15.raw banger - b stilt and tone liv
16.s.e.x. - b stilt

This Gentlemans definately gotta sound, I wouldn't say unique but more of a trend & a formula he's constructed, he's got that grimey soul vibe grindin out the speakers & its dope as real cool, this dudes a mos def in terms of one-2-watch.

Transformer (2008) The Beat Tender

1. the beat tender
2.all good
4.raw banger
5.studio gangsta
6.sumer skies
7.in the blue
8.shoulda known
10.porn star
11. dont fight it
12.you got nothing

Transformer (2008) Afternoon Sessions

2.skull crusher
3.in the sky
4.pile driver
5. the deal
6.back in the day
7.brain malfunction
8.new nintendo
10.cali vibes


Enough Names is a trio consisting of the Transformer on the beats & Ahpasit & Glad2mecha, No beat tape for ya, but I believe the debut release is comin soon, stay posted with these guys


Stellar sounds in the blossomin

Indeed it has been more than a while, some would say its been a minute, nevertheless the new theme a week, will be based on unsigned artists, MySpaces, ReverbNations, Soundclicks etc.....no point advertising artists whom most in the know of this scene are aware of......Time to use the blogging for its true power.

To Start I'm give Stellar Edwards a Run, Twenty beats with several musical genres engaging the listener. A Beatsmif hailin from the shores of sunny england, I say the weather tends to emulate throughout the people but these beats contradict that without a doubt. This will see outta 2008 nicely.

check the myspace:

Stellar @ Myspace

5 Download links for ya, so no whinging with that its only yRapidshare ish

Monday, 30 June 2008

Kam Moye's Self Centered Supastition

A Long time in the game, chasin Paper & the Chasin Props he so rightly deserves, Supa (Stition) has recently dropped his side project EP "Self Centred" recorded under the name Kam Koye.
A soulful release, plentiful of competent producers D.R. takes claim to 3 tracks, The man of the moment M-Phazes adopts his classic Boom-Bap sound.

Another talented MC Kaze features on the album.

Quote from "Welcome to My Life" Track 2
"Same fans that download it give the same respect, then send e-mails askin why I ain't famous yet"

Jus one of many touchin rhymes, this album caters for the Tru School fans. People This album is Free.....I ain't providin the link for this gem cause to many of ya just click download & Phuck off, check his myspace.....& SUPPORT THE ARTISTS

01. Where & Why - produced by D.R.
02. Welcome to My Life - produced by Croup
03. Change of Heart - produced by M-phazes
04. Reach One ft Kaze - produced by Eric G
05. Around the World ft DJ Wreckineyez - produced by Veterano
06. Black Enough? - produced by Eric G
07. Give It Up - produced by D.R.
08. Self-Centered - produced by D.R.

MySpace with Supa

MySpace With Kam Moye

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Sight 4 Sound

Imagine Several Videos (from film, Music & TV) accompanied by a wicked break, Several acapellas.......Sounds warped I know....Probably haven't the feintest what I'm talking about.

This guy has a true sight 4 Sound Check him out. I belive he uses Abelton to create his pioneering visual sounds.

My recommendation is to visit the site & enjoy.......A Truly original.

>The Ultimate in Audio Visualisation

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Will Holland aka....

......Q U A N T I C

First & foremost, Apologies for such a long delay, busy doin' this, that & the other (You know how it is)
I came across this guy through a friend who played me his Mishaps Happening Album....I instantly restarted the 2nd track & by the end I'd ordered to of his albums from amazon.

A Funky Breakbeat / Big Beat Producer / Talented Musician who Works damn hard, has put a lot of records out, and is still damn young. Of course, when you really consider that for someone in their mid twenties to be, in 2006, releasing what is essentially their 8th album, and racking up nearing 30 remixes since his first release in 2002, then that is quite astonishing.

We all know though, that quantity does not equal quality, so what really astonishes is the fact that every single release is a winner. Every single release is worth your time and sees him trying something different, exploring sound, and translating his own huge thirst for new sound into his own work.

There isn't a musical genre out there thats related to the hearts of funk and soul that he hasn't turned his hand to, and yet at the same time he his one of the few producers around that always sounds like himself.

Whether it's under his original Quantic moniker or as the live rocking funk soul heaviness of The Quantic Soul Orchestra you can spot a Quantic production a mile off, even if it doesn't sound like anything you've heard him do before.

It's a talent that has seen him work with some of the finest names around. Remixing Charlie Parker and Breakestra, collaborating with Sharon Jones and Mr. Scruff, sharing a live stage with De La Soul, to producing and writing with Spanky Wilson, Quantic's is a talent that is admired by producers, vocalists, and musicians of all the ages. And naturally, clubbers around the world have felt the Quantic pressure too.

From the festival stages of The Big Chill, Glastonbury, and Roskilde, super smooth clubs in Europe and Japan, hard core roadtrips around the USA and Australia, tiny Muscovite basement sessions and Puerto Rican Candela sweat boxes, where there's the music love Quantic will go. Literally, where there's a Will, there's a way. 2006 is set to be his busiest year yet. The 'One Offs, Remixes, and B Sides' collection has just been released on Tru Thoughts, his limited edition collection of rumba, plena, and cumbia music 'Mofongo Para El Alma' is just out, July sees him unleashing his brand new Quantic album 'An Announcement To Answer', and September is the launch of his QSO collaboration album with US soul legend Spanky Wilson.

Time for a rest perhaps? Never. Believe it or not there are still countries he hasn't DJed or dug for records in, still sounds he hasn't experienced, and still so many great records to make. Onwards and upwards my friends, onwards and upwards...

Quantic Soul Orchestra

"Putting something back" is how Will Holland described the reason for starting The Quantic Soul Orchestra. Having released two succesful albums on Tru Thoughts under his Quantic guise - The 5th Exotic and Apricot Morning (which fused jazzy and breakbeat sounds), he felt his next musical adventure would be to focus on the album you have in your hands. The Quantic Soul Orchestra is a live project, strictly no samples allowed. Influenced by Mr Holland's love of the dusty funk 45's, he wanted to record and produce an album with creative and like minded musicians.

With pop acts in the 2000s now using hip-hop beats (beats which are heavily influenced by funk records from the 70s) it was important for the QSO to make the album rough, raw and real - it's definately not Acid Jazz but has a deeper funk sound that shows that this music is well and truly alive in the new millenium. This is an album influenced by the many flamboyant (but often poor) musicians in the 70s who loved music for music's sake, who wanted to dance and make people dance.

This album is not trying to be retro and trendy, hence the cover version of 4 Hero's future soul anthem from 2002 Hold It Down. Sung in one take as vocalist Alice Russell warmed up before a recording session, it was decided that the original Holland penned instrumental should be replaced with this version. Ms Russell also lends her soulful voice to two other tracks on this album Something That's Real and Take Your Time, Change Your Mind. The other sung track finds John Hughes adding vocals (as well as some guitar and flute) to the classic QSO 7" Super 8. The QSO also adds Afro Beat, Soul and Jazz influences to the Funk sound with musicians Dave Woodhouse (Clavinet, Rhodes and Trumpet), Damian Bell (Trombone), Antonia Pheulatos (String Arrangements and Violin), Lucy Holland (Saxaphone), Richard Gibbs (Drums) and of course Will Holland himself (Guitars, Bass and Percussion) adding to the variety.

This is probably an album that future producers will be sampling, who knows someone across the world may even be sampling the music as you read these sleeve notes today!

This Download Collat Contains Tracks from His Solo Work, The Qauntic Soul Orchestra & some production on other artists albums. ENJOY!

Just remember to acknowledge The Quantic Soul Orchestra if you do sample them and if you make a success of your music to "put something back" too.


Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Grap Luva

In the shadow of the Chocoltae Boy Wonder Soul Brother #2 namely Grap Luva is an artist featured heavily but remains quiet in terms of releases. A smooth Rhytmic poet who I first heard after doing some research following one of My favourite albums Pete Rocks ''Petstrumentals''.

The Download Contains about 15 tracks Grap Luva features on including The Bootlegged InI relase ''Centre of Attention''.

Graps MySpace :-
Hailing from uptown New York's Mt.Vernon,Greg Phillips A.K.A "Grap Luva" got his start out in the hip hop game dancing on tour with his older cousin and hip hop pioneer Heavy D,around the same time his older brother was about to drop a gem on the hip hop world as 1/2 of the ledgendary duo Pete Rock & CL Smooth. With the release of Mecca & the Soul Brother, Grap made his way onto the album with one of the most memorable freestlye's of the time...lets put it this way Lil Fame of M.O.P saw Grap coming out of the studio and asked him to kick it for him...Shortly after that Grap and a few of his boys(Rob O,Marco Polo) formed a group calling themselves InI,due much in part to Grap's Jamaican roots...with production duties handled by his brother Pete Rock the group released their first single and video for the classic 12" "Fakin Jax" on Elektra, with little push or promotion the groups,now heralded as a classic first full length album "Center of Attention" unfortunately never saw the light of day...With the subsequent demise of Pete Rocks Soul Brother Records to be distributed through Elektra the group parted ways with their label and the album was lost in limbo...that is until....a couple of years later gangsta rap and the so called "East vs West" fued was in full swing, a couple of songs started popping up on mixtapes,even though they sounded like recordings of recordings Djs all around the world were putting these songs on their mixtapes(yes actual tapes kiddies) and low and behold they were bootleg copies of songs off of the InI album"Center of Attention" fast forward a couple of years from then the very much classic album was bootlegged so much and sought after by so many that BBE Records decided to track down the masters and actually release the album almost a decade after it was recorded,the demand was that strong...As all this was going on, Grap stayed working with cats from all around the world releasing a slew of singles and now producing tracks for some of hip hop's up and coming heavyweight emcees in the game right now...although a very elusive cat Grap Luva has etched his name in the hip hop history book and has devout fans allover the world...he has helped alot of cats get on (Kev Brown,Sound Providers to name a couple)and to this day is sought after by new jacks all over who remember the first time they heard that famous first line "I am the one they call the G the R the A the P and..."

Grap ''SoulBrother #2'' Luva Collat


Friday, 14 March 2008

Golden Boy & Think Twice are.......


Hip hop in Montreal can get a little tricky at times. Blessed with an abundance of capable MC’s,a trailer-load of DJs, and a slew of hungry producers, talented individuals in the city constantly battle not with each other, but with the teetering possibility of an organized and unified hip hop scene. Clans, posses, crews and cliques come and go, but SPECIFICS are looking far beyond the confines of a local existence. Made up of producer/engineer Think Twice, and MC Golden Boy, the group got its start in the dorms of Montreal’s Concordia University back in 2000, where the two west coast transplants experimented with bedroom recordings and homespun LPs under the moniker Green Dragons.

Later they met DJ Goser, who was a welcome addition to the musical equation that had already begun to take shape. Backed by the soulful an expressive productions of Think Twice, Golden Boy shines on the mic, poetically weaving in and out of the subtle complexities of everyday life with style. DJ Goser is finesse on the cut, accenting a solid array of melodic beats and lyrical rushes, completing this trio of dedicated heads.


A flow that can only be described as relentlessly fluid. His rhymin technique compliments Think Twices' slack jazzy production. His recent release is his 1st & hopefully not his last LP, namely "With a Loop & Swing" a nice solid effort sitting adjacent to 2 very succesful LP's his lacksidazical flow blends perfectly bringin the J.U.S. Sound home.

His Poetry is almost like no other, Listenin to his rhyme connections over "You", "Under the Hood" & "Craigs House" to name but a few symbolise everything said in this post, the tracks featured in the download are taken from "Lonely City", "II" & Think Twices LP "Witth a Loop & Some Swing"

The Beats are stone Jazz-N-Soul through & through, many producers will take a straight sample and lace it with a kick, snare & hat in your standard 4/4 time stamp, Think Twice builds some of his tracks with some more than welcomed unorthodox drums, with the occassional quantized percussive hit blended into the stew.

Some of the Beats are seriously smooth, track 5 on "II" called "Look Alive" & 7 "Lampin (Lava)" is a perfect example. In fact "II" is slightly smoother in contrast to its jazzy pre-decessor "Lonely City" released in 04'. The Jazz vibe of "Under the Hood" accompanied with Think Twices' Flawless Poetic Rhymes is one for the walkman for sure.

Fortunately I can't state any particular as a favourite which means a good album, the collat contains tracks fom 3 albums and still I can't specify any as a header for the canadian duo.

NOTE: The tracks conatained in the collat are neither the best or worst & are merely examples of production an rhymin at its finest. if your familiar with my posts & like what you hear then buy these albums immediatly after listenin......More than Worth it (Pure Inspiration).