Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Samson & Sejour

All good things come in pairs. Kinda. But Samson and Sejour come as a pair and they are a good thing. On "Rock Rock Y'all" they intend to create a banger, but they put the hype engine in fourth, instead of sixth gear. What basically means that the beat by Mark Ronson is kinda hype, period, but not hype, exclamation point. Samson and Sejour however go after everything moving, on some "show me a target, I'ma hit it" agenda, never saying more than one line, juggling the mic back and forth between the two. And while the party might come to a rough interlude, as this is more angry than carefree, this has to be one of the favorites at every S&S show.
As typical of a 'I remember the days' track "The Big Throwback" is, there's always something charming about that kind of songs. So again here, where Sam and Sej remember the favorite or most present memories, with Mark Ronson creating a beat that puts the mind on a soulful ship. And with all aboard, we capture the 'there's no future without a past'. With the present appearing on "Struggle", where the two S's team up with another S, called Saigon. Who's by the way, one of the most attention grabbing emcees of late. And he teams up on some serious note, as the title promises, what the lyrics come through with. With Sae One putting more Soul into the song (and a dope change up sometime into the song), minus the unnecessary crooning of the predecessor song (i.e. "The Big Throwback"), he's creating something real.
And it rounds out a 12" without a wack song, and with each song being better than the one before. So if these guys grow over the stretch of songs, the last ten songs of a fourteen track album promise to be incredible. So put a close watch on all the 'new arrivals' shelves for the hopefully coming up Samson and Sejour album.

For Me Struggle is the best effort


Samson & Sejour (Rock Y'All - B-Side 2003) Sturggle (ft. Saigon)

Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington is on a quest; an evolutionary path towards revolutionary funk. For the past few years he's been at the helm of Starship Fantabulous, exploring strange new worlds with Intelligence Officer Swamburger, seeking out new beats to feed the Cultural Starvation, and boldly going where ...
Okay, we won't go there yet. Bottom line is Beef has been on a quest, exploring a musical universe in search of a universal sound. Or rather, a real world version of his sonic vision. His journey began with years of formal musical training, with a sudden detour from the home stretch that led directly to the streets of Orlando where a serious jones for funk led to that all consuming quest.
After immersing himself in the loose-knit Downtown Orlando community that worshipped hip-hop, down-on-the-heavy funk and soulful sonics as much as he did, Beef began to assemble the Fantabulous Family, in no small part to MC extroadinaire Swamburger, an transplanted Chicago-born starchild whose non-stop flow of cerebral verse was the verbal equivalent of Beef's attitude toward making music. Vibe established, a subsequent sense of community, positive attitude that begets positivity, simultaneous evolution of a range of musical voices and visions, and breaking down of barriers for beat-driven music began to infect the MCs, singers and musicians who became Fantabulous

Closer to the funk. That's where Beef is heading now. "Basically, I want to drop the funk like its never been done in this town," he says. "Some good, nasty funk." Funk with more live elements, more instrumentals, less rapping, more singing. Beef has his sights set on that elusive, universal funk. It's a progressive path, expressing what feels right in the now, transcending all genre boundaries to create "Music for a Unified Planet."
Album Coming Soon....

Monday, 29 January 2007

Othello & The Hipknotics (2004) Classic

Seattle born, Portland residing, World traveling Emcee / Performer / Producer Othello, has been touring the globe since 2000, selling over 13,000 copies of his first album "Classic. Sharing the stage with such artists as Gift of Gab, Crown City Rockers, The Procussions, Boom Bap Projects, De La Soul, Lyrics Born, People Under the Stairs, J-Live, Zion I and many more, Othello has been working hard to make his mark on todays Hip Hop scene. His energetic live performance coupled with heart exposing lyrics leaves crowds feeling rejuvenated in an otherwise life-draining genre. When not out on the road with his band The Black Notes or his D.J. Manwell?, this 12 year lyricist partners up with best friends Ohmega Watts and Braille to form the super crew, Lightheaded, a group which has become a household name in every jazz-loving independent Hip Hop residence. Othello's sound is reminiscent of the "golden" or "jazzy era of Hip Hop, but with a much more complex, yet seamlessly smooth rhyme flow. Hes both socially relevant and spiritually conscious. There is no question after listening to his songs, that Othello is raising the standards for the genre of positive Hip Hop. Othello seeks so share his faith in a meaningful and authentic way in hopes to communicate true freedom.

Funky DL Classic is Today

Funky (1997) Classic was the day

Before 'Classic Was the Day' a producer in the borough of hackney had aspirations like many young funk, Jazz & Soul fans of the modern era....to create music from his inspirations.

Making beats daily left, right & centre & scrapping pennies to pay for studio time like many air-time would go to those in the know despite whether the DJ's like it or not, & unforetunately this is the situation in today's society. His time came via the legendary 'Shortee Blitz & Big-Ted' on the Kiss 100 late night show, whom at the time were the only legal DJ's promoting 'Real' Hip-Hop & promoting all sides of the UK scene.....Tim Westwood would say he's done alot for the UK scene, but in reality he could & should have done & be doing more as a UK DJ. Unforteunately due to the Radio station he was/is contracted to I imagine there were certain elements of Hip-Hop that were forceably extracted by the execs & certainly they were made to be forgotten about.

DL's influences to be honest was/is any jazz musician as he on several occasions states his love for jazz, Of course Pete Rock, Jay Dee/The Ummah/A Tribe Called Quest & Large Professor.....His main influence musically is without a shadow-of-a-doubt is the legendary great Miss. Billie Holiday of whom not only does he refer to regularly but has a dedicated song....in the name of, well obviously ‘Billie Holiday' which resides on his 2nd album 'Heartfelt Integrity' which was released in '98.

Kiss 100's duo 'Shortee Blitz & Big-Ted' whom are known as the 'Chubby Kids' had a huge roll in the promotion of Funky DL (which in reference stands for 'Funky Def Lyrics') who on another day enduring the same chores & perhaps the same tantalising & exciting emotions a producer has when the completion of the latest song generates a smile on a face other than your own, a phone call is received from what appeared to be a gentleman ranting utter gibberish through the receiver.

The gentleman on the phone was ushered to calm down by Mr. DL & after a few moments of attempting conversation Funky DL was invited to Japan of which he's never looked back recording 2 albums in the land of the sun.

DL's 1st album Classic was the day still stands today (for me) as an incredible album & certainly a favourite. Some would say a bad habit is to distinguish UK Hip-Hop from it's US counterparts but for me the sound is tends to differentiate solely because of the soul, Jazz & funk chops that I'm use to from the originators, The album is complete with samples from (again) Billie Holiday, Stan Getz & Wes Montgomery. The album was also co-produced by long time friend DJ Stixx.

Indulge.....Classic is Today

Saturday, 27 January 2007

Kero One (2005) Windmills Of Soul

Found out about this guy through www.VinylAthletes.blogspot.com Damn great album, Jazz beats & Wicked Rhymes - I ask for nothin' more from my idiology of great Hip-Hop

From the musical inspirations of hiphop greats such as Pete Rock, Dj Premier, 45 king, Rza, and Organized Konfusion comes California Bay Area resident Kero One. Kero One has been rhyming, deejaying and collecting records since the early 90’s. Influenced by such groups and albums such as Gangstarr's "step into the arena", Nas’s “Illmatic”, Lord Finesse, Pharcyde, Common Sense and N.W.A., Kero One was truly drawn to emceeing and rhyming. However, it wasn't until the age of 15 when he began getting down in freestyle ciphers at shows, hiphop clubs and writing his own lyrics. Inspired by college radio and freestyle battles such as the "Hieroglyphics Vs. HoboJunction battle on KMEL's legendary Wake Up Show, he would participate in radio shows, such as the Bay Areas 10 O'clock Bomb freestyle battle segment. There he would spit verses and receive props and recognition from Wake Up Show host “Sway”. In 1996, he began collaborating with friends to record tracks and enjoyed working with different producers. However, demanding "that specific sound" from various producers was harder than originally expected. Kero then decided to take things into his own hands. He would now begin his venture as an emcee, producer and deejay.

In the summer of 2003, Kero One released his first 12" record entitled “Check the Blueprints”, based on jazzy beats and metaphor heavy lyrics. Within a month of its release, positive reviews and recognition poured in from record stores, dj's, to record labels everywhere selling over 9000 units. In addition, “Check The Blueprints” reached top 5 spots on radio and deejay playlists worldwide . Several months later, Kero One was recognized by Japanese promoters and a label called Jazzysport.com and was invited for a nationwide Japan Tour in January of 2004, headlining shows for artists such as Dj Mitsu the beats.

Shortly after the Japan Tour, Kero One released a slew of hiphop 12" records and a full length debut album which had reached number 10 top downloaded hiphop album on itunes japan and #2 purchased underground hihpop album on tower records charts.
Today, Kero One’s records receive spins from Dj's such as Jazzy Jeff, Questlove of the Roots, Quantic, Giles Peterson, and Dj Mitsu the beats. In addition, Kero One has been offered a multitude of collaborative efforts including production work for US3 , famous for their track “cantaloupe” back in 1993, Aloe Blacc from Stonesthrow Records as well as production work for Grand Puba from the group Brand Nubian.

Anyways Have a listen to this gem - An it's not the best track on the album - not by a long way

AZ (2006) A.W.O.L. (Cookin Soul Remix)

AZ's album AWOL has been remixed in style by Cookin' Soul A DJ/Producer who has numerous mixtapes & remixes here-an-there.....

One of fav. tunes from AZ is Never Change - You wouldn't even think about remixin' that but Cookin Soul has done just that - and his attempt is more than Brilliant grab it here.....

AZ (06) Never Changer (Cookin Soul Remix)

You can grab this LP over at Cookin Soul's website

J. Rawls & J. Sands are: The Lone Catalyts

The Lone Catalyts

The LONE CATALYSTS, consisting of emcee J. Sands & producer J. Rawls, are ready for the world. The Duo have been recordin since the mid-90's producing a chemistry that reflecting in thier art.The first release from the Catalyts was The Beginning EP, back in August '98.
J. Rawls moved onto the Black Star album & contributed two Gems "Brown Skinned Lady" & My favourite track Yo, Yeah.....

Very soon after the release of "Mos Def & Kweli are Black Star" we hear from the LONE CATALYSTS again. This time on the Nervous records compilation "HIP HOP INDEPENDENTS DAY VOL. II", with their self-titled song LONE CATALYSTS. This compilation was released in November 1998 and featured many of the new artists in the hip hop underground, and also gave the LONE CATALYSTS their first world-wide release.

Just when you thought the year was done, J Sands and J Rawls started B.U.K.A. Entertainment and released their first independent single, "Paper Chase" b/w "Heirs." Eventhough they were newcomers to the independent record business, they have managed to sell over 3000 units and counting in a two month period.
Lone Catalyts have 3 huge releases which hit each corner of the globe.....firstly we've got (2001) The "Catalyst Files" ft. Grap Luva & the legendary J-Live a consistent effort whihc later progressed to a better collectoion in (2002) "Hip-Hop" Album, This is a great example of J. Rawls & J. Sands in thier element.....nevertheless the duo released an incredible album in the name of "Good Music" which was released in 2005' this effort today still stands as strong as ever....

Lone Catalysts (05) One's We Miss

J. Rawls & J. Sands have in recent years released thier own solo projects namely, J. Sands The Breaks (2003) & J. Rawls has two magnificent solo efforts......"The Essence" released in 2005 & the latest catalyst of the collection "The Liquid Crystal Project"....of which both these projects released by Rawls remain the epiome of great music.

Buy em' NOW.....Heres a coupla tracks from the respesctive albums

J. Rawls MySpace

Lone Catalysts MySpace

Heres some evidence of thier brilliance

J. Rawls Still Takin' It Ez'

J. Rawls (05) Inhale, Exhale (ft. Venus Malaone & Wordsworth)

Floyd The Locsmif

The Locsmif is a producer who has a series of remix out-N-about....a remix of numerous tracks from the legendary Outkast crew.....Floyd a man who's love for the art of production is epitomised via his remix work & his own incredible project "The Devine Desingz: Re:Discoverd" LP in his own words he has stated his love for the beats themslves has inspired this project to be released as the Divine Desingz ......

Check out his website - www.floydthelocsmif.com

Heres a taster for you....

Floyd The Locsmif (05) C-Mere - Zshare

Floyd The Locsmif (05) C-Mere - Rapidshare.com

2 Ruff (94) Ruff Skills

An Album I nabbed off my cousin about in 1999, Every Beat is excellent....Some funky jazz riffs with some nice horn stabs & some bangin' beats....The MC's for me aren't on par with the beats but nevertheless a great album.

2 Ruff (94) Ruff Skills

Friday, 26 January 2007

Jurassic Five (2002) Power In Numbers

The Legendary Crew hit their best with this gem.....Wihout a Doubt their best work Iv'e heard to date....Every beat is brilliant...all the Emcee's are excellent....But I gotta name Chali 2na as he is literally outstanding throughout.....Grab It.....

Real Live (1995) The Turnaround: Long Awaited Drama

Great Stuff....I picked this album up back in 1998....after hearing two tracks in a mix.....pick it up yourself.....

Style : Heavy Beats....Wicked Rhymes

All City (1998) Metropolis Gold

The Duo were indirectly part of the Onyx crew....whom oversaw the album.....despite the Onyx boys input the angle in which All City approach couldn't be further from the Executive Producers.....Production from My man Pete Rock & DJ Premier the album is hosted by an array of different beats....theres some funk......some.....jazz....some....soul....some.....groove.....and of course some MC'ing that compliments the beats nicely....

Nujabes (2003) Metaphorical Music

Jun Seba (せば じゅん, Seba Jun) Jun Seba (せば じゅん, Seba Jun?) is a Japanese hip-hop music producer and DJ who records under the name Nujabes. Nujabes is an anagram of his first name (Jun) and last name (Seba) spelled backwards and combined.
Besides making music, he is also an owner of "T Records" and "Guinness Records" (both record stores in Shibuya, Tokyo), and runs Hyde-Out Productions, an indie record label. He has released two CD albums in Japan, Metaphorical Music in 2003 and Modal Soul in 2005. He has also contributed music to the soundtrack of Samurai Champloo, an anime which blends a setting in feudal Japan with modern anachronisms, especially hip-hop music.
In addition to Japanese artists like Uyama Hiroto, Shing02 and Minmi, he has collaborated with underground American hip-hop acts Cyne, Apani B-Fly, Five Deez, Substantial, and with British rapper Funky DL. His music is known for a strong cool jazz influence, frequently using samples from artists like Miles Davis and Yusef Lateef. He is also a member of the production duo "Urbanforest", an experimental collaboration with Nao Tokui (appearing on the Lady Brown 12").

taken from wikipedia

Great Album......Wicked Riffs....Odd Beats at Times particularly when the beat laments the world.....Grab It

Nujabes (03) Metaphorical Music

Also Check out his Modal Soul Album released in '2005

Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - Rare Tracks

My Favourite Producer.....Rolls up in 1999 with these remixes of his own classics

Omniscience (1995) The Raw Factor

Omniscience (95) The Raw Factor

Have to thank the guys over at..... Golden Age Hip-Hop ....for this badboy.....love it thought I'd upload this serioulsy rare work so it can be heard by all.....

Brothers Like Outlaw - The Oneness of II Minds In Unison

One of my favourite albums if you ain't got it....grab it.
Dunno whether the MC is an englishamn rhymin in US Tongue or an American Soundin' like an englishman tryin to be american.....Your guess is as good as mine