Friday, 31 August 2007

Hocus Pocus Alakazam.....Magic Movement

I can only reiterate that I will not upload Full albums or EPs from the last 3yrs its disrespectful to the artists & consequently the music WILL suffer which means we all suffer, the reason I write this is because I've received several e-mails requesting the full albums particularly fro the J. Medieros album well it ain't happening.

Anyway in relation to posting only a coupla tracks & Mr. J. Medieros this next post is from an acoustic Hip-Hop band from the passionate nation of France, they've worked closely with Medieros featuring on his recent release & vice versa......namely Hocus Pocus. The beats are second-to-none featuring relaxing riffs, intricate drum loops & some seriously nice synths thrown into the package.

Unfortunately I don't speak french so I'm clueless as to what their referring to but never-the-less I can listen to this album repeatedly, with the french lingua being the most poetic of languages it fits perfectly with this great culture of music - This album confirms that when the french do something well they do it really, really well.

Check their web-pages for more releases, upcoming tours & of course more music

There's 5tracks available for you - but it will undoubtedly keep you yearning for more.

These tracks are taken from the re-issued 73 Tocuhes

1. 73 Tocuhes
2. Feel Good (ft. C2C)
3. OnAndOn
4. OnAndOn [pt. II] (ft. Ty)
5. Zoo

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Official WebPage

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