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A Light Headed Vibe

Lightheaded fundamentally a 3-man crew consists of: Braille, Ohmega Watts & Othello of which all are Producers with a Mic. I've added Muneshine to the review as He produces alot on the albums. They appear to work closely with Stro the 89th Key (I'll refer to him as Stro for timesake) & Jason Medeiros (The Procussions), Illmind, D-Minor & M-Phazes (Wax Reform), Surreal (Sound Providers), Theory Hazit, Sharlok Poems & Sivion.


The 1s LP "Pure Thoughts" released in 2003 is excellent to say the least & is definitely one of my favorite albums, in fact both the LP's are a firm favorite of mine, with production from all members a coalition in full form is present, "Wrongway" released in 2005 follows suit & like the 1st LP is the perfect addition to your (J)azzy (U)nderground (S)oulful collection

Wisdom One & Just Jared form 1773 have an LP released this year featuring Watts, Braille & Othello. A solid album & the duo may be one for the future.


After hearing Othello’s solo work, I thought the clarity of the tracks were of such a natural sound that I became interested in what he was using to make his music & thought there was no way He could produce these tracks or replicate the natural vibe of pure music without the aid of a band after reading the inlay & of course the internet I kept seeing the name The Black Notes, who appear to be a band (of evident ability) Othello is working with at present.

Othello’s work appears (like most great Hip-Hop of today) to be released pre-dominantly out in the Land of the Rising Sun (My next focal Point). He has 3 solo projects to his name that I own ( or & the work he has done with the rest of the crew (Lightheaded) proves that not only is he a more than efficient artist but the crew appear to be progressing at such a rate that their proving to be one of the best groups of this decade.

2004 brought his EP "Classic", 05 saw Elevator Music hit the scene followed by "Alive at the Assembly Line" a year later in his own words "Alive at the Assembly line is what I consider my debut recording because it showcases where I am upon the release of it, and utilizes the resources God has granted me to create a project I believe to communicate my heart honestly and effectively. The record is all about development. Using the good and bad to benefit your growth...The assembly line represents life......."


Like his pal Othello he appears to work closely with a selected group of people almost like a recruitment process in where you have to prove yourself as an emcee before you gain the delights of their work. His 1st LP namely "The Find" feature many artists but as I've said in regards to the consistency of guest appearances Othello, Stro & Surreal.

"The Find" from 2005 is an album with a soul-funk tip, His rolling basslines accompany his flow that acts as an instrument because of his natural ability to weave steadily throughout.
I hate to start disregarding other members of the band but Ohmega in terms of a complete package is for me the prominent member, He's certainly no better or worse than any other member as they all bring different aspects to the table (thus making a superb group), but my personal preference in terms of production & rhyme style veers towards Ohmega.

This album is accompanied with several instrumental tracks, letting you enjoy Watts' Cut-N-Paste Skills.

"Watts Happening" released this year is further evidence that Ohmega Watts is a great producer & EmCee, quite a progressive album in terms of production a track that stands out & proving this is "Platypus strut" which is pure funk driven & proves his extraordinary production skills.


Canadian EmCee / Producer with 2 solid LP's to his CV: "Opportunity Knocks" released back in 2005 houses appearances from Surreal & Raks One who partners him in the duo Phocus. The production on this album is predominantly from the industrious Wax Reform (D-Minor, Illmind & M-Phazes), a guest feature is from production legend Pete Rock bringin his classic heavy soul driven sound.

2007 has overseen the release "A walk in the Park" an instrumental LP showing another avenue the lightheaded crew has. Muneshines production is soulful & the title "A Walk in the Park" fits perfectly. Phocus partner Raks One features on the only vocal track the album has.


The hardest spitter from the crew, a bass heavy producer with more spit than an angry camel. Braille’s rhymestyle completes the Quad nicely. His solo work also contains 2 LP's "Shades of Grey" released back in 2004 & "Box of Rhymes" released last year. The most aggressive EmCee in the crew also caters for the lovers of head-nodding beats. Braille's latest addition is without a shadow of a doubt his best work to date, "A Box for Japan" was a Japanese project (again the best stuff is released out there at present) until recently & can be purchased on the Japanese Amazon.



His production appears to be band based & a huge focal point seems to be on acoustics to gain that natural sound, The advantage of working with a band shows in his work & the clarity of the sound shows, Like The Roots best work & one of better posts, Hocus Pocus, there proves to be an obvious advantage with having access to a band as you have an endless (infinite) supply of riffs & percussive sounds.

His rhyme style is versatile to say the least, Fast, slow & hard & soft etc, he's capable of reaching Hip-Hop fans of all preferences.

Ohmega Watts

A very consistent producer, his feel for the Funky Soul sound is evident in his production a more bass heavy producer than Othello, with Horn stabs, & funky samples rolling around in the background his tracks leave your head-nodding & soulfully yearning for more.


Again the heaviest Beatsmith amongst them, he makes beats in a manner only a hard spitter can manage. His latest release & I can only reiterate his best work to date, contains some fresh funk & some slack soul in which he drops neat verses throughout.


A lover of Jazzy soul, well at least that’s what his instrumental LP appears to claim. "A Walk in the park" is the perfect reminder that this crew has everything in terms of production.
Slack drums, Beautiful samples, an array of delay added to filtering effects panning in the background & the perfect amplitude in terms of Bass, means we've got ourselves a perfect J.U.S. Music producer.

The Lightheaded Collat

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