Friday, 14 March 2008

Golden Boy & Think Twice are.......


Hip hop in Montreal can get a little tricky at times. Blessed with an abundance of capable MC’s,a trailer-load of DJs, and a slew of hungry producers, talented individuals in the city constantly battle not with each other, but with the teetering possibility of an organized and unified hip hop scene. Clans, posses, crews and cliques come and go, but SPECIFICS are looking far beyond the confines of a local existence. Made up of producer/engineer Think Twice, and MC Golden Boy, the group got its start in the dorms of Montreal’s Concordia University back in 2000, where the two west coast transplants experimented with bedroom recordings and homespun LPs under the moniker Green Dragons.

Later they met DJ Goser, who was a welcome addition to the musical equation that had already begun to take shape. Backed by the soulful an expressive productions of Think Twice, Golden Boy shines on the mic, poetically weaving in and out of the subtle complexities of everyday life with style. DJ Goser is finesse on the cut, accenting a solid array of melodic beats and lyrical rushes, completing this trio of dedicated heads.


A flow that can only be described as relentlessly fluid. His rhymin technique compliments Think Twices' slack jazzy production. His recent release is his 1st & hopefully not his last LP, namely "With a Loop & Swing" a nice solid effort sitting adjacent to 2 very succesful LP's his lacksidazical flow blends perfectly bringin the J.U.S. Sound home.

His Poetry is almost like no other, Listenin to his rhyme connections over "You", "Under the Hood" & "Craigs House" to name but a few symbolise everything said in this post, the tracks featured in the download are taken from "Lonely City", "II" & Think Twices LP "Witth a Loop & Some Swing"

The Beats are stone Jazz-N-Soul through & through, many producers will take a straight sample and lace it with a kick, snare & hat in your standard 4/4 time stamp, Think Twice builds some of his tracks with some more than welcomed unorthodox drums, with the occassional quantized percussive hit blended into the stew.

Some of the Beats are seriously smooth, track 5 on "II" called "Look Alive" & 7 "Lampin (Lava)" is a perfect example. In fact "II" is slightly smoother in contrast to its jazzy pre-decessor "Lonely City" released in 04'. The Jazz vibe of "Under the Hood" accompanied with Think Twices' Flawless Poetic Rhymes is one for the walkman for sure.

Fortunately I can't state any particular as a favourite which means a good album, the collat contains tracks fom 3 albums and still I can't specify any as a header for the canadian duo.

NOTE: The tracks conatained in the collat are neither the best or worst & are merely examples of production an rhymin at its finest. if your familiar with my posts & like what you hear then buy these albums immediatly after listenin......More than Worth it (Pure Inspiration).


Chris Byland said...

Hey man, thanks for the post. It's great to hear about the little known history of these great producers/emcees.

Daniel Calvillo Jr said...

Does anyone have any information about what any of these dudes are up to?? I love how supposed "hip hop heads" have never even heard of Specifics.