Monday, 30 June 2008

Kam Moye's Self Centered Supastition

A Long time in the game, chasin Paper & the Chasin Props he so rightly deserves, Supa (Stition) has recently dropped his side project EP "Self Centred" recorded under the name Kam Koye.
A soulful release, plentiful of competent producers D.R. takes claim to 3 tracks, The man of the moment M-Phazes adopts his classic Boom-Bap sound.

Another talented MC Kaze features on the album.

Quote from "Welcome to My Life" Track 2
"Same fans that download it give the same respect, then send e-mails askin why I ain't famous yet"

Jus one of many touchin rhymes, this album caters for the Tru School fans. People This album is Free.....I ain't providin the link for this gem cause to many of ya just click download & Phuck off, check his myspace.....& SUPPORT THE ARTISTS

01. Where & Why - produced by D.R.
02. Welcome to My Life - produced by Croup
03. Change of Heart - produced by M-phazes
04. Reach One ft Kaze - produced by Eric G
05. Around the World ft DJ Wreckineyez - produced by Veterano
06. Black Enough? - produced by Eric G
07. Give It Up - produced by D.R.
08. Self-Centered - produced by D.R.

MySpace with Supa

MySpace With Kam Moye

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