Tuesday, 13 January 2009

FS Green: State Beat Tape


Dope sounds Stemmin From Holland, Some seriously slack vibes, this Ducthmans got the elements in perfect tonic up in here, check his track on his Myspace player called Preppy Lady, the riff just rolls around the percussive genius in timely fashion.

Big things happening for this buddin Beatsmif

This Guys produced for a number of MC's & Groups including the fantastic Counterpoise.

FS Green Beat Tape

01 FS Green - What it Is
02 FS Green - AATH
03 FS Green - Segriopepe
04 FS Green - Crisps
05 FS Green - Comeonbebe
06 FS Green - Haarlemmerdijk
07 FS Green - Bijlmer Bier Hall
08 FS Green - Watch Me
09 FS Green - Hoereren
10 FS Green - Mai Lof
11 FS Green - The Riddle
12 FS Green - Requiem for a Green

AATH Dope track

PS: Always check the "VIEW ALL BLOGS" Section on the MySpace(s) you maybe missing out otherwise

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