Friday, 17 July 2009

FS Green (2009) Rookie Season

FS Green (2007-2009) Rookie Season

In His Own Words.....

I started crafting beats in 2004. My first production on an album was in 2006. People started catching up to my music in 2007.. about time to compile some of my music that I have produced so far.

There's two different ways you can look at "Rookie Season". If you are familiar with my music you'll probably find some tracks on it that you've heard before. You might know these from albums, but some tracks have only been played on the radio or in mixes or mixtapes. Here are all those tracks plus some extra's, only with no shouts or sound effects on it, in a nice quality.

If you haven't heard a lot of FS Green productions yet, you can see this as a full album, consisting of tracks, remixes, instrumentals and a few interludes. Most of these interludes where taken from radio shows over the passed three years.

However you may receive this, just make sure you enjoy it.
Mr. Maze made the artwork so it looks good in your iTunes too!


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