Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Gold Clippin Ice (that nineties vice)

After last nights random session I thought I'd have to re-up alotta important LP's from my early listenin' days.
Alotta old stuff is coming your way shortly, all good of course. Strange listening back to the fore-fathers, the beats are raw, production isn't of the same quality as todays beatsmifs (understandably), but the rhymes are surpass todays offerings. Over the next coupla days, I'll gift you with some legendary formulas from the 90's golden era.

Back When MC's wore T-Shirts & Jeans, had gold and not ice, rocked a boombox not an ipod, healed the youths with wordsa wisdom and ig'nant poetry was discriminated against, not to forget that four-finger ring ish....

Now I'm not on some ''keep it real'' bullshit, your ears are yours so whats real to you is as real as it'll be within that moment, and the past is the past, nothing stays the same, artisticly anyway. But with so much nonsense fluctuatin from station to station, blog to blog & mp3 to mp3 its appropriate to school the youngsters on the soundsa the sices'!

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