Sunday, 15 September 2013

B 3 N B i (sept. 2k13) You, Yourself

Back in March of 2013 I went to the Beat Swap Meet in Phoenix, AZ. I offered the bored DJ a $20 bill (that I borrowed) to buy his entire box of 45s.

The "[ -- ]" are the way they were named in my MPC. They were numbered in the order I made them. 

There's no real concept to this album, but its a glimpse into the kind of beats that don't take too long to put together but make my day so much brighter after coming home from a long day at my cubicle day job. These are the beats we wake up for, and ones that give us sleepless nights. No pre-determined notion of what they can or should be. No indication or expectation for who will listen to them. Just pure honest raw beats. I hope you enjoy the sounds, and thank you for listening.


released 13 September 2013
Album art by Beat Gates

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