Monday, 4 November 2013

Bluestab (2013) 1991 Extraterrestrial

Berlin based beatmaker / producer Bluestaeb (Oldschool Future Tribe) releases his first full length album on Radio Juicy / Urban Waves as a follow up to the Neo Retro EP released in 2012. The LP takes the listener on a journey through classic boom bap, trip-hop and experimental sounds.

Produced by Bluestaeb

Mastering by Figub Brazlevič

Artwork by Bluestaeb
Cover Design by Alex Brade
Published and distributed by Urban Waves / Radio Juicy

Big thanks to Eloquent, Teknical Development, DJ Grizzly Adams, Antitune and LaNó for the guest contributions!
Special thanks to Figub Brazlevic!

Radio Juicy 2013

released 04 November 2013

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Rampage said...

Thank you so much for posting.I found cool samples like in these tracks , i share with u