Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Beatnicks Tape (vol. I & II) Hubert Daviz & Powell

Our man in Cologne Hubert Daviz (featured on both Beatnicks Volumes) has been abandoning daylight lately and got acquainted with his fresh off the ebay shelve MPC2500 + MicroKorg, starting to gear up.

The result of his first month with the new toys and a slab of dusty vinyl is what we have here, our first Beatnicks Tape - listen dont sleep. download link below.

Hubert Daviz' Tape (vol. I)

After the overwhelming feedback on the first Beatnicks Tape by Hubert Daviz from Cologne (5000+ downloads so far) we had to continue bringing you some free heat, nice like that! The man behind Vol.2 is Powell straight outta Paris, already known from his "Dimension X" track on Beatnicks Vol.2 with more releases to come later this year on UpMyAlley. Definetely one to watch out for in 2009, bad bad kid!

Part duex in the UpMyAlley Beatnicks Collat, 18 Beats in full 320k glory, as heavy as it can get!!! Check the download link below and spread this ish! Forward, blog, share, play! & remember to check the damn webpages!

Powells tape (vol. II)

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