Wednesday, 25 March 2009

MERCURY (2009) Beacuse I feel Like It

Ain't listened to the jus dropped joint from Cali MC, East Oakland where a certain Souls of Mischief hail from. whats in a name some may ask......M.E.R.C.U.R.Y, which stands for "Messenger Expressing Rhymes of Consciousness Unto Revolutionary Youth". He likes to be called "Merc" for short.
The Roman god Mercury was his favorite mythological figure because this character served as the messenger between Gods and humans. Merc felt it was the purpose of the poet/musician to be the communicator between the spiritual world and mankind. He's also a Gemini, who's ruling planet is Mercury, and he describes his rap style as being like the liquid-metal by the same name.

Now thas what i call deep.....chk this latest joint & check his page to

MERCURY (09) Because I feel Like it EP

1. Ya Love it (ft. Kampaign) beat by PortFormat

2. I got Bills (beat by Wake Flow)

3. Run On (beat by Silent Paul)

4. Monkey Bars (ft. P.O.C.) beat by Wake Flow

5. New Begining (beat by Inevitable)

Merc on MySpace

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