Monday, 29 January 2007

Funky DL Classic is Today

Funky (1997) Classic was the day

Before 'Classic Was the Day' a producer in the borough of hackney had aspirations like many young funk, Jazz & Soul fans of the modern create music from his inspirations.

Making beats daily left, right & centre & scrapping pennies to pay for studio time like many air-time would go to those in the know despite whether the DJ's like it or not, & unforetunately this is the situation in today's society. His time came via the legendary 'Shortee Blitz & Big-Ted' on the Kiss 100 late night show, whom at the time were the only legal DJ's promoting 'Real' Hip-Hop & promoting all sides of the UK scene.....Tim Westwood would say he's done alot for the UK scene, but in reality he could & should have done & be doing more as a UK DJ. Unforteunately due to the Radio station he was/is contracted to I imagine there were certain elements of Hip-Hop that were forceably extracted by the execs & certainly they were made to be forgotten about.

DL's influences to be honest was/is any jazz musician as he on several occasions states his love for jazz, Of course Pete Rock, Jay Dee/The Ummah/A Tribe Called Quest & Large Professor.....His main influence musically is without a shadow-of-a-doubt is the legendary great Miss. Billie Holiday of whom not only does he refer to regularly but has a dedicated the name of, well obviously ‘Billie Holiday' which resides on his 2nd album 'Heartfelt Integrity' which was released in '98.

Kiss 100's duo 'Shortee Blitz & Big-Ted' whom are known as the 'Chubby Kids' had a huge roll in the promotion of Funky DL (which in reference stands for 'Funky Def Lyrics') who on another day enduring the same chores & perhaps the same tantalising & exciting emotions a producer has when the completion of the latest song generates a smile on a face other than your own, a phone call is received from what appeared to be a gentleman ranting utter gibberish through the receiver.

The gentleman on the phone was ushered to calm down by Mr. DL & after a few moments of attempting conversation Funky DL was invited to Japan of which he's never looked back recording 2 albums in the land of the sun.

DL's 1st album Classic was the day still stands today (for me) as an incredible album & certainly a favourite. Some would say a bad habit is to distinguish UK Hip-Hop from it's US counterparts but for me the sound is tends to differentiate solely because of the soul, Jazz & funk chops that I'm use to from the originators, The album is complete with samples from (again) Billie Holiday, Stan Getz & Wes Montgomery. The album was also co-produced by long time friend DJ Stixx.

Indulge.....Classic is Today

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