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J. Rawls & J. Sands are: The Lone Catalyts

The Lone Catalyts

The LONE CATALYSTS, consisting of emcee J. Sands & producer J. Rawls, are ready for the world. The Duo have been recordin since the mid-90's producing a chemistry that reflecting in thier art.The first release from the Catalyts was The Beginning EP, back in August '98.
J. Rawls moved onto the Black Star album & contributed two Gems "Brown Skinned Lady" & My favourite track Yo, Yeah.....

Very soon after the release of "Mos Def & Kweli are Black Star" we hear from the LONE CATALYSTS again. This time on the Nervous records compilation "HIP HOP INDEPENDENTS DAY VOL. II", with their self-titled song LONE CATALYSTS. This compilation was released in November 1998 and featured many of the new artists in the hip hop underground, and also gave the LONE CATALYSTS their first world-wide release.

Just when you thought the year was done, J Sands and J Rawls started B.U.K.A. Entertainment and released their first independent single, "Paper Chase" b/w "Heirs." Eventhough they were newcomers to the independent record business, they have managed to sell over 3000 units and counting in a two month period.
Lone Catalyts have 3 huge releases which hit each corner of the globe.....firstly we've got (2001) The "Catalyst Files" ft. Grap Luva & the legendary J-Live a consistent effort whihc later progressed to a better collectoion in (2002) "Hip-Hop" Album, This is a great example of J. Rawls & J. Sands in thier element.....nevertheless the duo released an incredible album in the name of "Good Music" which was released in 2005' this effort today still stands as strong as ever....

Lone Catalysts (05) One's We Miss

J. Rawls & J. Sands have in recent years released thier own solo projects namely, J. Sands The Breaks (2003) & J. Rawls has two magnificent solo efforts......"The Essence" released in 2005 & the latest catalyst of the collection "The Liquid Crystal Project"....of which both these projects released by Rawls remain the epiome of great music.

Buy em' NOW.....Heres a coupla tracks from the respesctive albums

J. Rawls MySpace

Lone Catalysts MySpace

Heres some evidence of thier brilliance

J. Rawls Still Takin' It Ez'

J. Rawls (05) Inhale, Exhale (ft. Venus Malaone & Wordsworth)

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