Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington is on a quest; an evolutionary path towards revolutionary funk. For the past few years he's been at the helm of Starship Fantabulous, exploring strange new worlds with Intelligence Officer Swamburger, seeking out new beats to feed the Cultural Starvation, and boldly going where ...
Okay, we won't go there yet. Bottom line is Beef has been on a quest, exploring a musical universe in search of a universal sound. Or rather, a real world version of his sonic vision. His journey began with years of formal musical training, with a sudden detour from the home stretch that led directly to the streets of Orlando where a serious jones for funk led to that all consuming quest.
After immersing himself in the loose-knit Downtown Orlando community that worshipped hip-hop, down-on-the-heavy funk and soulful sonics as much as he did, Beef began to assemble the Fantabulous Family, in no small part to MC extroadinaire Swamburger, an transplanted Chicago-born starchild whose non-stop flow of cerebral verse was the verbal equivalent of Beef's attitude toward making music. Vibe established, a subsequent sense of community, positive attitude that begets positivity, simultaneous evolution of a range of musical voices and visions, and breaking down of barriers for beat-driven music began to infect the MCs, singers and musicians who became Fantabulous

Closer to the funk. That's where Beef is heading now. "Basically, I want to drop the funk like its never been done in this town," he says. "Some good, nasty funk." Funk with more live elements, more instrumentals, less rapping, more singing. Beef has his sights set on that elusive, universal funk. It's a progressive path, expressing what feels right in the now, transcending all genre boundaries to create "Music for a Unified Planet."
Album Coming Soon....

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