Thursday, 22 August 2013

Huh, What & Where Recordings (Everythings free on 22.08.2013)

This is a label started by friends out of a college dorm.
Created by artists for artists, this isn’t too deep.
Our only goal is to share with you the things that move/inspire us.
Founded by Killa out of his college apartment known today as 44, Keith saw the seeds planted early. During an internship at age 22 with Stones Throw, two events shaped his outlook; hearing fellow intern Flylo’s old jams and experiencing the death of his hero Jaydee. Soon after immersing himself in the beatmusic coming out LA, he realized his own music was potentially garbage. Saddened and slightly depressed, he grew inspired from the emergence of collectives such as My Hollow Drum, Wedidit, CMLK, etc…and decided “fuck it.”
He threw down all the change in his piggy bank and through deliberate bribery/larceny and a series of elaborate hoaxes/cons he managed to enlist the aid of those represented in our artist roster. Others say he simply blew into his longhorn and they emerged one by one, from out of the forest, all except for Juj, who flew in from the sky and somehow submerged from the water. His only goal, if any, was to create opportunities for his friends to enjoy their little silly, childlike pursuits…all the the meanwhile completely abandoning ship to go off and work at his fancy new job with the Portland Trailblazers. Leaving a lot of the decision making up to two of the most infantile members of the crew, we still don’t know how this all came together. Ask top to bottom, nobody directly involved in this knows exactly how any of this shit happened.

The focus obviously was and could only be the music, but what existed now, in essence indirectly as a result of constant collaborations & ideas bouncing between friends was this random grouping of talent and a motherfucking chance to save lives. The backbone to all this was the assurance between them that the focus could never be the money, not because they don’t like money, but because its not really the hip thing anymore, ya know? Young 20-somethings take on women, life, & feeling (or lack thereof). With no real plan, these clueless assholes ventured out into the sunset together and what you are witnessing now is their incredible journey. This is something remarkable, truly life-altering, poetic & original to be cherished and celebrated for generations to come…
Thanks to Lil B, God, Skateboarding, Women, Drough, Vinyl, Guns, Magazines, Jaydee, Sports, Teachers & our families.
It’s important to note that none of this could’ve been possible without the countless involved, especially you.


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