Thursday, 22 August 2013

The Mancunian Candidate: Mecca:83

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I feel blessed to be able to listen to such Dream-masonry, Soundscapin' & Skewcarvin'. The blatant Melodic & harmonious Manipulation must be placed on a pedestal & as of this precise moment I'm Hard pressed between Afta-1, BMB Spacekid & This Manchester Resident; namely Mecca:83 as to whom I like most!

The names listed are for me (bar Afta-1, don't believe his involved in the scene like he was) the best in Hip-Hop production as I write. Flawless, Sound Quality, the ability to create from scratch (that means no samplin', I innerstand that hip-Hop was built from samples, but that clichéd saying has absolutely no relevance anymore, this ain't 1991), The ability to blend synthesis and samples (many try and fail miserably) and regardless of My particulars . . . . . . Just Sculpting this vibe, this sound . . . . Beautiful noise.

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