Monday, 5 February 2007

Kev Brown

I f1rst heard of Kev on an album/EP called 'Fresh Brownies' which I beleive was relased in 2005 which a mate of mine got from somewhere late-mid-last year, The album is a small collective introduction of his work very, very nice. Quite hard to find...but I'm sure if you e-mail him he'd be more than happy to sort you out (for a fee of course)

photo courtesy of strictly beats

'What I Do' was released shortly after I heard the 'Brownies EP' This album is brilliant I brought it before I'd even heard a track purely because of the 'EP' I'd recently listened to you best believe it truely lives up to it's pre-decessor....Theres also an instrumental version which I'm on the verge of purchasing

Paying homage to the true school while honing his own jazz-infused sound, Kev Brown has garnished a reputation as the torch-bearer of the golden era. Heavily influenced by renowned beat-smiths such as Pete Rock, Jay Dee, and DJ Premier, he continues to receive worldwide acclaim for his distinctive brand of grimy soul. And while Kev's buttery-smooth production and laid-back vocals shine throughout the album, the project also features a host of guests spots from Critically Acclaimed, Cy Young, Grap Luva, Oddisee, Phonte (of Little Brother), Kenn Starr, Kronkite, Wayna, and Eric Roberson. After numerous collaborations and a host of buzzworthy 12-inches, Kev Brown now steps forward with his debut solo album aptly-titled I Do What I Do. This forthcoming project guarantees to have the entire hip-hop world taking notice.


Hailing from Landover, MD, Kev Brown has ascended the ranks of the underground to solidify himself as one of hip-hop's most prolific and universally respected talents. While producing for a range of artists that include De La Soul, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and Jewel, it wasn't until his remix work The Brown Album, the highlight of what became a billion homemade remixes of Jay-Z's The Black Album that Kev Brown captured the attention of the entire hip-hop community.

If You Wanna Hear Him Check Him out on his label

Kev reminds me of the recent Pete Rock & the late great Jay Dee / J Dilla, I'm not really into pigeon-holing music/artists & I'm sure the artists themselves wouldn't want to be pigeon-holed either, but theres not alot of people who can even come close to bieng catagorised with Pete Rock and/or Jay Dee.
Grab the album

Also Check out his myspace - The link is in the production extradionaires panel on the right (yep he's made it in there already)
You can purchase this genius from amazon
Audio coming soon.........

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