Thursday, 8 February 2007

Son of Ran (2006) Tribute To Sky City

By now hopefully you've realised my passion for the Jazz & Soul touch in Hip-Hop well the next album everyone has to grab-n-share is "The Son of Ran (2006) Tribute to Sky City".....It features the production skills of a new firm favourite of mine Mr. Freddie Joachim whom as I stated before I stumbled across while enquiring about Kero One......I'm not into upping new releases but as the album is free....The only thing I can do is help promote it....The Album is sh!t HOT from start to finish & to be quite honest I CAN'T get to grips with why the album is free....anyway if you like relentless Emceeing.....Jazzy Soulful Beats....& literate & articulate rhymes (strictly no non-sense) then take a visit to the websites & grab the album below


Son of Ran is originally form Sna Diego but was raised out in Japan (I swear these Japanese grown kids have got Jazzy Hip-Hop production down to a tee)

Son of Ran (2006) tribute to Sky City

Son of Ran Myspace

Freddie Joachim Myspace

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