Friday, 9 February 2007

What Happend to Wee Bee Foolish...?

I was played a track called this Kid & loved it.....seriously loved it I then went out of my way to purchase the album on the back of that song, to my disapointment the album failed to live up to the fore-front of my buy....but that was when I listend to it 5yrs ago....but 5 yrs ago amognst my collection I had some seriously terrible albums & my interest was buried heavily in a some-what warped exscuse for music. Listening back to it now....its real funky...DJ Bless is on point throughout & the MC's certainly deliver.

Obviously I've already "mentioned This Kid"....adressing the ignorant manouveres of MC's/Rappers entereing the industry, "Funk Keeps B", "PimpFloMein" & "It's Only Right" are positive additions to the album which certainly compliment it nicely

Although they seem to stay right under the radar, Wee Bee Foolish remains a point of interest to many people in tune with the indie market. The last release you can find the Fools on was a Sound Providers 12", "It's Gonna Bee (Alright)/Part II," on Quarternote/ABB. You can check it out at The sophomore album entitled Underdog has been in the works for the last 3 years and at last is in the final stages. Besides contributions from the main members of Wee Bee Foolish, the album also features J-Hon, George Burns, Nems Murderfest, and Mike Swift. Look out for this Head Bop release in '06 and in the meantime you can also catch Wee Bee foolish featured on Eturnal's album Mr. Bad Guy on PointDotPeriod Entertainment.

Wee Bee Foolish (2002) Brighton Beach Memoirs


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