Saturday, 3 February 2007

Execution Squodd - Sold In The Streets

The Execution Squodd - Sold In The Streets

I stumbled across the track When we come thru.....which was hosted in some awful garage mix...& to be 100% honest the track isn't really to my flavour...but for some reason probably boredom I decided to check them out & heard the track road ethics, which I think is a pretty solid effort from the crew.

at the time i liked the track so much decided to grab the EP' Sold in the streets which i grabbed from Mr.
Suspect Packages.

Anyways you can grab the EP' from Super Bad

Execution Squodd - Road Ethics

for more info check out the interviews below

Interview With the Crew

Interview With Fusion & Tee Max whom produce tracks for the Squodd

Have a Listen here....


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